Photo Scanning

Proper scanning is very important to the restoration process, because the better the scan, the better final results will be. Therefore, a good scan can make a huge difference. If you don’t have access to a scanner, we can do it for you (if you are in the Houston, TX area) or you can simply mail it to us. If you don’t have a scanner, you can go to a local photo store, a large office supply store such as Office Depot, or places such as FedEx/Kinkos and UPS stores. If you mail it to us, be sure to use a photo mailer (to ensure the photo does not bend). For photos we are restoring, we will scan for free!

When scanning, the most important setting is the resolution. Please use the guide below:

Scanner Settings

  • Photos smaller than 5×7 – 600 DPI
  • Photos 5×7 or larger – 300 DPI
  • File Type: TIFF
  • Additional settings: No Compression
  • Color: RGB (Red-Green-Blue) – this also applies to black and white photos!
  • for highly damaged photos,  higher resolution is always better!

If you are not sure about the photo size, choose a higher resolution! We can easily lower the resolution to reduce the file size, but we cannot make it bigger without losing quality.

Most Common Questions: 

  • My scanner allows me to choose from grayscale or RGB.  Which setting should I use for black and white images?

Always choose RGB, even if you have a black and white picture!

  • My scanner is not very good or I am unsure how best to scan.  Can you scan my images for me?

Yes, we can if you are in our service area in Houston (or if you mail it to us). We work with all kind of pictures, sizes, prints, negatives, transparencies and even pictures that are still in a frame. You can also mail us your photograph using photo-friendly packaging. Many clients prefer that we scan the photo, especially since the scanning service is free.

  • My image is not flat, too damaged or stuck in the frame.  Can it be scanned?

If your image is not flat, is badly damaged or stuck in the frame, don’t worry. Contact us and we can do all the work for you. To protect the original photo, we can bring professional photography gear to take a high-resolution photo of your original picture.

  • Where do I send my photos? 

​​After scanning, please email to:  [email protected] or 

We will send you a questionnaire or call you if more information is needed.

For any more questions, please contact us!


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