How does the restoration process work?

After we receive the scanned photo, the restoration work starts in earnest. We then will send you an email with the restored photo (with our logo splashed on it) for you to review and approve. After you approve and send payment, typically with credit/debit card via PayPal’s secure website, we email your high-resolution photo (without our logo). If you ordered a printed photo, we then mail your photograph via First-Class US Postal service, along with any original photo you may have mailed to us.

How do you know the color of the photos (for colorization orders)?

To ensure authentic colorization, we ask our clients as much information as possible about the skin, eyes, hair, clothes, etc. In case there are colorization details you don’t know,  can be research based on the story behind the photo (such as 1930’s style bib overhauls or other period information).

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we’ll ship your photo anywhere that accepts deliveries. Of course email has no boundaries, so can easily be sent anywhere you need.

Do you have photography services?

Yes! For that please go to www.BrunaDeFranca.com

What is the risk for my original photo?

No risk to the original photo! Your original photo is never touched during the restoration process – ONLY THE SCANNED, DIGITIZED PHOTO IS RESTORED!

Can my photo restoration be recorded?

Yes, we can record and edit a short video of your photo being restored. Ask us for more information regarding this.

How can I send my Photo Story?

We love hearing about the stories that go with your photos! Knowing the history of your photos enriches the restoration process and always brings a smile to our face 🙂 We love doing what we do and are also happy to publish the story behind your photos on our website.

Can I provide a review of your service?

Yes, please do! Most people are amazed by how much of the original detail we can pull out of damaged photos. We find that most people’s reaction is to stare at the photo as though they have seen it for the first time! In fact, for younger people, it will be the first time they will see their ancestors as they originally appeared!

Please email us your reviews and reactions to seeing your restored photos. You can also post your reviews on our Picture Heal Yelp page and Google.

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